More About the Vibrational Approach to a Better You!

When we choose to address DIS-EASE from a vibrational approach, we are choosing to heal on a quantum level!  Everything has its own signature vibration – including bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, heavy metals etc.  It is especially when these type of vibrations get out of balance, that we experience physical, mental, emotional and/or structural issues.  So, start at the root by taking the Vibrational road to wellness! 

Now that you have an idea about what Vibration is, let’s talk about ways I use vibrations to help balance the body.


This is a modality you may better know of as “muscle testing”.  It’s frequently used by Chiropractors.  It is the practice of holding a specific vibration in the human energy field and reading how the energy field responds to the substance.  Your body, in its infinite wisdom, knows where the troubles lie and guides us to that point of understanding.  By pairing vibrations with kinesiology, we can better understand what your body is up against and create a custom liquid remedy to help neutralize the disharmony.

Taoist Stones Treatments

This is an “on the body” stones treatment.  By placing stones on the body, we can access energetic highways or meridians. I work specifically with the 8 Extraordinary Meridians.  These energy pathways are all about our feelings.  Opening up the meridians can help us clear so much stored emotion, trauma and old programing. Work on this level helps us get a better understanding of who we are, understand our work in the world, break free of constraints placed on us by the outside world, clean out the “Pandora’s Box” where we stuff everything we aren’t ready to deal with, balance our masculine and feminine energy, and more. Stone treatments are also great for relaxation and rejuvenation. These sessions take place fully clothed, in a dimly lit room and with music that slows brain waves down so you can deeply relax.

Hands on Energy Sessions

This is when the energy streams of Reiki or Electric Blue are used to bring healing into the body.  These sessions are done fully clothed.  I place my hands in specific locations and in specific patterns to imprint the energy stream.  Generally, stones are used in conjunction with the energy sessions.  These energy streams have an intelligence and go to the places in the body where needed.  They both work to heal and neutralize the points of resistance in the body.  Reiki is a long established healing modality, while Electric Blue is fairly new on the scene.  The Electric Blue energy stream comes from Arch Angel Metatron, overseer of all sacred geometry.  This energy stream is gentle yet highly intelligent and potent.  It seems to be effective on just about anything!

Various Other Vibrational Practices

I utilize other vibrational practices such as clearing and repairing the energy field, opening and balancing chakras, entity clearing, teaching grounding techniques, emotional release work, Pranayama exercises (breathing in your I AM presence) and Home/land healings.

A session with me could incorporate several of these techniques.  Using kinesiology, we determine what to do that will create the most effective treatment for you.  Of course, you may always request something specific.

If you’ve been struggling with an issue and are not happy with your current recovery plan, consider scheduling an appointment with me!  I work with adults and children.  People come with acute illnesses such as colds and flu as well as long-term, more complex issues.  Some come just to talk their struggles out.  Many come just for the stones treatments!  If you feel led to my practice, chances are we have work to do together.  

Contact me through email at for questions and to set up an appointment.