K.G.P - Black Mountain, NC

Lisa is really amazing. She has helped me many many times on many different issues, both emotional and spiritual. She is very compassionate and her intuition is spot on. She can handle ANYTHING, which is a huge asset for anyone, especially in vibrational modalities.

Diane Shelton, L.Ac. - Woodstock, VA

I met Lisa at a Stone Medicine Retreat Weekend. As fate would have it we wound up being partners in a process that was key for me. A few weeks later I had my first session with Lisa. She helped me with something so crucial to my personal development. Something countless other healers had never noticed or were probably not equipped to help with. I adore Lisa. Her work is impeccable!

Alithea Gailliot - Arden, NC

Whenever I have had ‘random’ symptoms, Lisa is able to see the pattern and underlying issues and create a custom remedy and life style recommendations to address it…quickly. When I called her in a panic after being exposed to carbon monoxide and natural gas, she not only created a custom remedy to help my body clear the toxic effect, she calmed and reassured me that it would be all OK. She is a knowledgeable, potent and compassionate healer and I am grateful to have benefitted from her care. I highly recommend Lisa and her vibrational healing.

DRSS - Spofford,NH

I developed a case of Shingles. It’s my understanding that it can take the body 3 to 5 weeks and sometimes months to clear this virus. Lisa created a custom liquid vibration that I took 3 times per day and my shingles cleared up in less than 2 weeks.


Cici Kohagen - Mars Hill, NC

My husband and I were interested in energetically cleansing and supporting our newly purchased property. We contacted Lisa to help us with that. As we walked our property, she shared so much with us about the land and the energy, all the while giving us clear and concrete actions to help strengthen, heal and protect the sacredness of our home.


R. Chaplin - Barnardsville, NC

Go beyond the possibilities of Western Conventional Medicine with real results for chronic issues. Lisa Morris San Souci helped me to relieve a bacterial invasion which had been causing chronic occurring urinary tract infections. I saw multiple MDs and was prescribed many antibiotics that could not relieve the infection. After one session with Lisa and use of her custom vibrational elixir, the UTI ceased and a culture came back clear. It was miraculous! Lisa is the real deal and her healing treatments can root out chronic problems.

Daniel Barbour - Asheville, NC

Lisa was recommended to me to help with some severe abdominal pain.  She recognized the urgency of the situation, asked appropriate questions and went about her energy clearing work.  It was powerful and effective.  By the time I received her report of the work, my symptoms were gone.  Also, the report was fascinating and clarifying of several old challenges, some of which I had only vague awareness.  She was sensitive and nurturing and the whole experience felt safe and reassuring.

RSS - Bryson City, NC

After suffering for a little over a week with poison ivy, Lisa suggested I try one of her custom made vibrational remedies.  My poison ivy rash was blistered in one area and new spots were beginning in other areas of the arm.  I had been applying hydrocortisone cream at a pharmacist’s advice with some relief from itching but the rash itself was not healing.   After taking Lisa’s remedy three times a day, in exactly seven days, all the spots and blisters had practically all dried up.  Pretty amazing–thank you Lisa!

Raven Sinclaire

In the context of my work, I’m surrounded by talented healers and alternative medicine practitioners and Lisa is the cream of the crop. She is my go-to when I need an outside look at what’s going on in my body and I’ve sent my family and clients to her over the years. I call her for any ailment and trust her wisdom and personalized remedies, which work quickly. If I had a broken arm, I would go to a medical doctor to set it, but I would still see Lisa to heal the underlying trauma. She represents the future of whole body healing and I cannot recommend her enough.