• Initial Vibrational Alignments


    This is an in-office session which includes initial information gathering and your first vibrational alignments. More in-depth vibrational adjustments take place in follow-up appointments.

  • Follow-Up Vibrational Alignments


    This is an in-office treatment where various healing modalities are used to adjust the physical, mental, emotional and electrical bodies.  Some of the techniques used may include but are not limited to: kinesiology, chakra balancing, Taoist stone medicine, emotional transformation and custom liquid vibrational remedies.

  • Reiki and Electric Blue Energy Healing


    This is a gentle but powerful hands on treatment. It can be part of other sessions or stand alone as a singular treatment

  • Home and Land Clearings


    Price includes 100 miles of travel time. Standard mileage rate applies after that.

  • Weddings and Memorials


    Additional charges may apply for travel

  • Remote Sessions


    This is a session just like the in-office vibrational alignments, but done without your physical presence.  The session begins with a phone conversation.  Then I work to make the vibrational alignments and follow-up with a phone call or e-mail.  If a liquid vibrational remedy is needed, I’ll send one via mail. This is a very potent and effective method for those that cannot be present in my office.  This type of session generally requires more “behind the scenes” work on my part, therefore is priced higher than an in-office appointment.

  • Gift Certificate

    **After you purchase your gift certificate(s), I will email a digital gift certificate to your email which you can either email to the recipient or print and mail

    $90 gift certificate

    $125 gift certificate